[Intro] Your King at 17 My King at 18, whom I adore Forever my King, forever more   [Verse 1] Once upon a time and a few break-ups back There was a King that ruled his empire He got fame and money and all the ladies’ hearts He was your 17-year-old-selves’ once in a life… Continue reading King

Wonder wander

[Verse 1] I hate to think about you as I’m walking under the sun Don’t be conceited, as I’m about to tell you a bunch of puns   [Pre-chorus] Sometimes I wonder wonder wonder as I wander wander wander...   [Chorus 1] Wonder if you still do a Marlboro pack per day Wonder when’s the… Continue reading Wonder wander


  [Verse 1] I’m about to open our old chat Where you described “she” upon my request This song ain’t about “she” though, cause god knows who you’re bringing back It’s about she(s), who’ve been helping you fix my mess.   [Chorus 1] Do shes make history with you like we did? Do shes write… Continue reading She(s)

Hear from myself

[Verse 1] Didn’t think I’d write you another song After you enjoyed my little show-and-tell But I haven’t heard from you in so long So I thought I’d hear from myself (and she says:)   [Pre-chorus] “These days our past is like my present 2 18-year-olds and a modern day story of Bonnie and Clyde… Continue reading Hear from myself

These Days

Note: These Days is a bit of my life update, a bit of a self-reminder to living life to the fullest.   [Verse 1] Yesterday House party till dawn, never had that much fun 7 out of 10 ever targeted, nothing to be proud of No one owned your heart, one even ripped it apart… Continue reading These Days


  What are feelings? Are they something you give me? Or are they something you give me in my imaginations, dreams, poetry and fantasies?   What are you? Surely not a God or a saint I called you a king, an inspiration But a real king would be responsible for his claims.   What am… Continue reading Afterword


Don’t come to me then leave me hanging Told you I’m sweet, so I keep on wondering Besides that I’m attractive, what else are you thinking?   I’m no one’s side chick, so don’t carelessly text me I’m too sweet, don’t need no sugar daddy Don’t be mindless, or I’ll let you taste bitter and… Continue reading Don’t

Babe you just so cool

[Verse 1] I’m such a sucker for the way you look Feels like I’m deceased everytime you move Would you believe me I could write you a songbook? Come to me and I’ll leave my phone off the hook. Now since you’re here, are you already blushing? I’ve told you how I feel, yet this… Continue reading Babe you just so cool

before i go. (winter breeze.)

[Intro] i’m writing this song before I go my hidden thoughts, I thought you should know.   [Verse 1] guess I really can’t concentrate back at my desk, 2:00am, still it’s never too late. it’s our golden hour half all-nighter. for the first time I felt like I could tell you all the things you… Continue reading before i go. (winter breeze.)

the scarf.

[Verse 1] buried deep in my wardrobe abandoned for almost 3 years. the old scent has vanished memories still remain here.   this morning, i pulled out a piece of you, and realized another anniversary is near. perfectly matching my black on black outfit, It felt like you were here.   [Post-chorus] 18-year-old girl, living… Continue reading the scarf.

“To you” (Flings)

Hey, how are you doing? That one took away my summer. One kiss, left with cloudiness Guess you're not my knight with the armor. Now that you found your Ms. Right Tell me, if you're real happy. Did you take her to that rooftop? Our old place of "used-to-bes". ----------------------------------- Hey, how are you doing?… Continue reading “To you” (Flings)