Not Your Regular Guide To Self-confidence

Disclaimer: The featured image of this article is a pic of myself as a depiction of how confident I am...   LOL JK!   I want to make it very clear that I am nowhere near perfect, my level of confidence is not yet 10/10 (getting there :)). The tips in this guide are based… Continue reading Not Your Regular Guide To Self-confidence

a note about winter breeze(s).

Disclaimer: This is not a song, but just some small notes about the winter breezes.   Sunshine (2017) is a summer album.  It brings back all the summer memories every time its title comes to my mind, let alone reading each record on the album. The album is mainly about sunshine (and what happened in… Continue reading a note about winter breeze(s).

A look-back: This time last year vs. Now

Studies This time last year: I was doing BA Media Studies with Film Studies, a Media major/minor degree. Last year’s second semester was quite chilled, which is partly why I’m missing it so much! I was enjoying this very interesting module called RE:Presenting Difference, in which we discussed how social differences, i.e. gender, sexuality, class,… Continue reading A look-back: This time last year vs. Now

To the people who called me “loser” in middle school…

Back then, I listened to every word you said about me and believed that I was a loser. 2 years ago, I looked back at those times, had a "good" laugh about it then thought about how childish we all were. Now, I'm looking back at those times and have realized that calling someone a… Continue reading To the people who called me “loser” in middle school…

The Roads of Youth Discovery

Hi guys! I've recently partaken in Snapshot Photography: Creativity Brings Joy - an online photography competition for Vietnamese students in the UK, organized by SVUK (The Vietnamese Student Association in the United Kingdom).  The themes of the competition are "The Vietnamese in You" and/or "The Vietnamese Perspective".  More information about the contest can be found here: (The… Continue reading The Roads of Youth Discovery