Don’t come to me then leave me hanging Told you I’m sweet, so I keep on wondering Besides that I’m attractive, what else are you thinking?   I’m no one’s side chick, so don’t carelessly text me I’m too sweet, don’t need no sugar daddy Don’t be mindless, or I’ll let you taste bitter and… Continue reading Don’t

Babe you just so cool

[Verse 1] I’m such a sucker for the way you look Feels like I’m deceased everytime you move Would you believe me I could write you a songbook? Come to me and I’ll leave my phone off the hook. Now since you’re here, are you already blushing? I’ve told you how I feel, yet this… Continue reading Babe you just so cool

Not Your Regular Guide To Self-confidence

Disclaimer: The featured image of this article is a pic of myself as a depiction of how confident I am...   LOL JK!   I want to make it very clear that I am nowhere near perfect, my level of confidence is not yet 10/10 (getting there :)). The tips in this guide are based… Continue reading Not Your Regular Guide To Self-confidence

before i go. (winter breeze.)

[Intro] i’m writing this song before I go my hidden thoughts, I thought you should know.   [Verse 1] guess I really can’t concentrate back at my desk, 2:00am, still it’s never too late. it’s our golden hour half all-nighter. for the first time I felt like I could tell you all the things you… Continue reading before i go. (winter breeze.)

a note about winter breeze(s).

Disclaimer: This is not a song, but just some small notes about the winter breezes.   Sunshine (2017) is a summer album.  It brings back all the summer memories every time its title comes to my mind, let alone reading each record on the album. The album is mainly about sunshine (and what happened in… Continue reading a note about winter breeze(s).

the scarf.

[Verse 1] buried deep in my wardrobe abandoned for almost 3 years. the old scent has vanished memories still remain here.   this morning, i pulled out a piece of you, and realized another anniversary is near. perfectly matching my black on black outfit, It felt like you were here.   [Post-chorus] 18-year-old girl, living… Continue reading the scarf.

7 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing When In London

Traveling to London has become how I enjoy the quality “me” time every weekend.  The more I explore London, the more I realize the charming capital of England is full of hidden gems, and wish London were not known for only Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge or Oxford Street… the must-visits on every traditional… Continue reading 7 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing When In London

A look-back: This time last year vs. Now

Studies This time last year: I was doing BA Media Studies with Film Studies, a Media major/minor degree. Last year’s second semester was quite chilled, which is partly why I’m missing it so much! I was enjoying this very interesting module called RE:Presenting Difference, in which we discussed how social differences, i.e. gender, sexuality, class,… Continue reading A look-back: This time last year vs. Now

To the people who called me “loser” in middle school…

Back then, I listened to every word you said about me and believed that I was a loser. 2 years ago, I looked back at those times, had a "good" laugh about it then thought about how childish we all were. Now, I'm looking back at those times and have realized that calling someone a… Continue reading To the people who called me “loser” in middle school…

London Spring Fever: Part 2 – “Fantastic Wisterias and Where to Find Them”

My first wisteria season in London. . . . . The first flower photo I took and uploaded on Instagram was of purple wisterias in Notting Hill around late May last year. From that picture, I discovered that the wisteria season in the UK is from April to June every year (it might be different… Continue reading London Spring Fever: Part 2 – “Fantastic Wisterias and Where to Find Them”

The Parisian Wisterias

It's the wisteria season again!  And with that being said, people are going "hysteria" about them purple wisterias. When I was in Paris during my Easter trip, I eventually found wisterias blooming in the city.  Some already fully blossomed, others only started blooming, but they were all so amusing to look at 💜 Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole is… Continue reading The Parisian Wisterias

Keukenhof Photoshoot

The trip to Keukenhof won't be complete if there's not a flower-themed photoshoot.  There're tons of photo ops as this amazing garden has many picturesque corners and will surely make you a-lot-more-photogenic-than-usual. Top tip: Wear something in bright colors, better with floral patterns 😉 I'm not usually in front of the camera but rather the… Continue reading Keukenhof Photoshoot

Never too late to fall for Amsterdam.

In a recent update post, I mentioned that I was visiting Amsterdam and Paris during the Easter break with some friends, and guess where I am now? AMSTERDAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Well, that probably wasn't that surprising was it?  I'm glad that everything has pretty much turned out right so far, me and my friends are here and… Continue reading Never too late to fall for Amsterdam.

The Roads of Youth Discovery

Hi guys! I've recently partaken in Snapshot Photography: Creativity Brings Joy - an online photography competition for Vietnamese students in the UK, organized by SVUK (The Vietnamese Student Association in the United Kingdom).  The themes of the competition are "The Vietnamese in You" and/or "The Vietnamese Perspective".  More information about the contest can be found here: (The… Continue reading The Roads of Youth Discovery

“Ma biche”

- "I’ve been teaching you French, modeling for your magazine without being paid, and what have you done for me?" - "Don’t you raise your voice with me, imbécile.  Without those photoshoots you would never have a proper Facebook profile picture and people would think you’re still 13." - "Like I care about Facebook that… Continue reading “Ma biche”

“To you” (Flings)

Hey, how are you doing? That one took away my summer. One kiss, left with cloudiness Guess you're not my knight with the armor. Now that you found your Ms. Right Tell me, if you're real happy. Did you take her to that rooftop? Our old place of "used-to-bes". ----------------------------------- Hey, how are you doing?… Continue reading “To you” (Flings)