Hi there,

This is part of a little world that I have in my mind.


I’m a lyricist. I write about people and events that have made a deep impression on me.  I’m strongly inspired to write at midnight.  What I write is genuinely poems, but I like to call them songs or records, ’cause they sound a lot fancier.  Sometimes I would write romances too.


I’m also a wanderer: I love to do things spontaneously, and traveling is my life. So I try to do little random go-sees whenever I can.  I’m very very blessed, I must say. On every trip, I always explore cool things on my way, which are then beautifully captured in my phone.  It is a remarkable feeling to discover so many (hidden) gems around you, right?


This blog is also where I share with you my proper travel experience, the music that I’ve been listening to, the things I’ve been obsessed with, the funny stories I’ve come across, the memories I’d keep forever, and possibly mayhem in my everyday life as well.


All photos and videos are of my own unless stated otherwise.  If you would like to borrow my photos/videos, please kindly contact me for permission in advance.


I hope you enjoy my records, photos and stories.  Feel free to drop me a message if you have any enquiries or feedback.

Thanks for dropping by.


Have an enchanting day and I’ll see you soon!


Your friend,