a note about winter breeze(s).

Disclaimer: This is not a song, but just some small notes about the winter breezes.


Sunshine (2017) is a summer album.  It brings back all the summer memories every time its title comes to my mind, let alone reading each record on the album. The album is mainly about sunshine (and what happened in summer 2017), a bit about summer 2015 and a bit of about autumn 2017.

sunshine, autumn leaf & winter breeze. (2017) is like a craving for 2 sunshines, a feeling of sorrow about all the beautiful things that could have happened with autumn leaf, and winter breeze was basically what I added to the title because at the time I was writing the album, it was already winter and so I thought winter breeze would kind of make sense as part of the title.  I had no idea who winter breeze could be.  I was too busy craving for the probably-long-gone sunshines.

You may notice that I always put the year at the end of the each album title.  Therefore, technically, sunshine, autumn leaf & winter breeze. was already completed in 2017.  But it’s not, because I never thought about winter breeze(s).

Until today.  A day in January 2018.

Taking a break between my exam revisions, something just clicked.

I may have found winter breezes.  Plural because there are 02 of them.

Funnily enough, I wrote a song about one of them but never really nicknamed him.  I don’t know why.  Probably because he was just a breeze.

I wrote hypnotized. about this guy who literally hypnotized me whenever I looked into his eyes.  He’s a gorgeous person with a goofy personality.  He’s always charming, but most charming when he dances.  And we just drifted apart after wishing each other a Merry Christmas.  How goofy.

Of course, whatever happened in 2017 stayed in 2017.

I guess I should have ended the album right then.


It’s now 2018.  Another winter breeze just came and will leave soon.  That’s for sure.

Long story short, it’s like you meet the man of your dreams, then meet his wonderful wife.

I have thought about writing a song about him to let it all out, I just am not inspired.  It’s a good thing to be uninspired about him though, because I don’t think I need to go through every bittersweet emotion I have experienced with him anymore.

My best friend told me “He’s just another wind and you know it.”  I do.  But for now I just wish he was a tornado and not just a wind, or another winter breeze.

I really hope he will soon be long gone, just like sunshines and autumn leaf, who should have stayed for longer.


I thought I should write all of these thoughts down to end this album and move on to the next one in 2018.

But I might end up writing a song about winter breezes, at midnight, when my romantic mode is on.


My records are the only place where I can express my own romanticism.

This is just another side of a very blunt me that I’ve been told.



Till next time,



Featured image from WeHeartIt.

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