Guilty Update.

I’m super guilty, of not having been able to be as active as I would like to be on this blog 😦

I do miss writing.

Especially writing poems.

Just that I’m not too inspired by anything, even the sunshine that has recently come.








It’s August.

But wait,

August is almost over!

In just over 1 month, I’ll be flying back to London to continue my study.

Wow, time flies…














Anyways, just a few random updates about my life so far this summer…














  1. My summer internship in the Education UK at the British Council Vietnam has been incredible.  I’ve been learning and contributing to the team as much as I can.  It’s such an invaluable opportunity that I’ll always be thankful for
  2. New video project is almost done.  After over 1 year, I was glad to come back as the Executive Producer, Director and Scriptwriter of a media product
  3. Need to start looking more deeply into my final year dissertation preparation from now
  4. First summer without any, I mean ANY, alcohol consumed (lol)
  5. Still that basic chick 3 everyday-lazy-outfits.  Part of the summer salary is 100% to be spent on clothes
  6. Still eat a lot and barely gain weight – Yup I’m a proud bitch
  7. Evening routine must include a friendly hang-out
  8. My magazine is still going strong during summer. This time we’re planning to be extra for Freshers’ Week 😉
  9. Been traveling quite a lot, although not as much as last year.  Still need to go to the beach some time before I fly back to the UK
  10. Found my sunshine.  At least for the summer.  Thanks for adding pink (and grey) to my already-colorful life 😉



Till next time,


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