One of the best experiences that I’d die to live again!

I can’t believe just 15 hours ago, I was jamming to my favorite tunes with my bae singing and dancing in front of me.





I’ve always known Bruno Mars as one of the greatest musicians in our generation, but I was never a fan and and his songs that I often listened to were mainly his hits.  I only started really following him at the end of 2016, when his latest album: 24K Magic came out with the title track with the same name that won my heart.

A few months ago, a friend of mine, who is a Bruno Mars fan, mentioned that she was going to see him in April.  She suggested that I join her and of course I couldn’t miss the chance to see my bae live!

A little preshow vlog:

The night I went to see his concert, 21st April, was his third night in London, and all I was praying for was that he would still give his all.  I know Bruno’s a professional performer and seems to be an always-in-a-good-mood guy (though I know not always), to give it all in every single gig is expected from him, but I was still a bit paranoid.

And I bet he did not let any of us in the audience down.

I knew I would not be obsessed with filming his performances – I wanted to be focused on his real acts, to really lose myself in the crowd.  I only film some bits of some of his performances to keep as a memory and to share with you here.

The opening act, which was excellently performed by Anderson Paak and The Free Nationals, started at 8pm and lasted for about 45 minutes.  We all thought the main act began at 9pm, however, Bruno only showed up at 20 minutes past 9, which I’m not sure if he was late or actually on time 😂  What amused me while waiting was how diverse the age groups of his audience were – I saw young adults in their 20s like me and my friend, then many people who are more mature and middle-aged, who were dancing just as crazily and screaming as loudly as I was.

IMG_0424 2

The wait was definitely worth it!  When the lights were dimmed, the opening music was turned up, I could truly feel the excitement running through my veins.  The whole arena exploded because of the arrival of the King.

He is mastered at turning up the crowd.

I just love the way that the lyrics are written in Bruno Mars’ romantic songs; they’re sweet yet playful.  No girls can help it if they’re confessed to with his songs, honestly.  Personally, I like to listen to Treasure when I go out alone, because it can put me in such a good mood and make me feel beautiful and treasured.

That’s What I Like is one of my favorite songs on the album, not because of the lyrics though.  I don’t want to get too political here, but being quite an independent person, I usually don’t like the type of lyrics that lists all these materialistic things that “a guy can do/buy for his girlfriend if they’re together” (like I can take care of myself and buy all those things with my own money okay), and That’s What I Like belongs to that category.  Sometimes these songs are written in a mischievous way so I tend to not take it too seriously and would still jam to them, plus, I’d tolerate it because Bruno is such a sweetheart.

I could not wait to see Bruno singing Versace On The Floor on stage.  It’s one of my nighttime jams – I love everything about the song: the smooth lyrics, the slow and jazzy melody, and the way it is sung, which makes a pure intimate and provocative lyrics sound incredibly classy.  To see it live was like a dream come true.  Although Bruno was singing the song to 20000 people in the audience, it still felt like he was singing it to only me (yes I’m fangirling so hard right now).


He said the lyrics to When I Was Your Man meant a lot to him.  I guess all of us in the audience could feel his pain through this song that night.  The moment he shed tears at almost the end of the song was when I realized that true artists are those who give their all in every performance and can gain the emotions conveyed through the songs they perform, and how much good music can move you.

He couldn’t not sing his old hits, could he?  I prayed that he would play Grenade, Just The Way You Are and It Will Rain, and he did the first two, which was already more than enough.


Just The Way You Are was supposedly the last song of his main act, and Bruno and his crew did a little credit to his fans.  I could tell that this was a really close crew, everyone was not only people that he works with but also his family, and they all make up a fun clan that likes to have a good time.  Each and everyone of them deserves a huge applause, for their hard work, free spirits and amazing talents.

We all knew that Bruno was returning real soon with the encore, like, he couldn’t leave without performing Locked Out Of Heaven and Uptown Funk (I did not check the setlist before the show because I wanted it to be a surprise for me)!


Uptown Funk perfectly ended the concert with Bruno saying goodbye to us.  The gig was 1 hour and a half and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Bruno brought all of us in the audience together with his tunes, the ways he owned the stage, communicated with the crowd, and randomly added different lines into the songs, like when he took out his phone as the prop during Calling All My Lovelies and pretended to call his girl, he went: “Do you hear that?  That’s the sound of the O2 Arena [the venue] in London tonight.” and “You want me to beg, don’t you girl?“, which completely got me.  I don’t think anyone does it better at saying such little cute and playful lines than him.


Bruno played more songs than the ones I showed here.  I did not film them all, or even one full song, because after all, I was there to see him, to enjoy and dance to his music and just have fun, rather than seeing him through my phone screen while trying to get the best shots.

Bruno Mars is a true performer, and one of the best artists to see live.  Watching recorded performances cannot bring the feels wholly, and I didn’t want to expose too much of the gig.  Bruno is currently touring in Europe and will be visiting many cities around the world, so if you’re his fan, and he’s coming to your city, I’m sure you won’t want to miss the chance to be taken to Mars.

Text, photography and videography by ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

All videos are of my own, only used for my personal blogging and not to be re-uploaded on any other platforms.  Contact me for any inquiries.


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