H&M – King of Cringed-slogan Items

Disclaimer: I want to clarify that this is not a diss post!  H&M is one of my favorite clothing lines.  JUST.FOR.FUN.ONLY.





When I was going shopping in the Guildford town today, I dropped by H&M and eventually got myself a pair of sweatpants and a croptop-hoodie.


However, there was something that I have come across everytime I shop at H&M yet never really paid that much attention to: the items (mostly tops) that have a slogan printed on them.  Slogan-printed tops created a trend a few years ago, and although no longer considered a must-have, as far as I know, they are definitely produced the most at H&M, or at least could be found more easily at H&M than other stores like Topshop, River Island or Urban Outfitters.

What really makes me notice about those slogan-printed tops at H&M is how funny/cute/playful, or even a bit cringe-worthy the slogans are.  Personally, I guarantee I won’t be seen on the streets wearing these tops – perhaps I would if I was either 12 years old or lying in bed all day.  No offense to those who are 25 and will still buy these shirts, you do you!

I thought I’d share the photos of some of the tops with you.  Some of these are freaking hilarious!

So don’t mess with us 😉
I’d buy this if it was “Trap Queen” lol
“How about ‘never’?”
“‘Cuz yew da beast dat cant be tamed.”
Everyday self-reminder
“… but your Queen.”
Mix&match tip: this top and no pants.
Kylie would love this top if you know what I mean
To be worn on days when the world is against you and there is no point in living anymore


Not gonna lie, I WILL wear this anywhere.  The world needs to know who Miss Justin Bieber is

But seriously, I’ll wear anything with Justin on it.


Text and photography by ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

Featured image taken from retaildetail.eu.

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