London Spring Fever: Part 1

I never imagined having a fever would be this much fun.





Being a 2nd year university student means so much more is expected from you compared to the chilled fresher year.  For me this includes: to do all the essential homework, and ironically, the word “recommended” in “recommended readings” or “recommended pre-class tasks” supposedly means “compulsory”; to attend lectures more regularly (I always did this in my first year anyways 😏); to succeed in at least one extra-curricular activity and/or a voluntary/paid role to put in your CV ’cause that’s what employers look for in graduate or student applicants – work experience.  Basically to work much harder as everything now counts.  On top of all, you must still be able to ensure a good work-life balance by going to the gym every week, partying and socializing to make sure people won’t forget your existence, and having enough 8 hours of sleep.

I have this funny thought that it is feasible to fulfill all of those things, just that I haven’t got to that point yet and am still figuring how…  Bless me.

And for the past weeks, I have been working my butt off to try to make it happen.  One of the most challenging tasks I had to face was the multiple-deadline curse every week.  So for exactly one month, I didn’t do any London wander trips like I would do every weekend before.  Personally, I find wandering around London a very effective way of releasing stress, and thereby not being able to do so but stuck in the library pretty much everyday for 4 weeks was not ideal.  Surely I could still survive, thanks to the lovely Guildford town center that I sometimes went to within my study breaks; plus the pretty University of Surrey campus with quite a few cherry blossom trees blooming beautifully that really helped me out with my hunger for photography.

Best stranger-model I could ask for 😉
Some of my friends literally wake up to this every Spring day…
This needs to be my ceiling paper!

I couldn’t wait until last Tuesday, when I submitted the last assignment before more than a week free of any deadlines.  Yes – It was time that I visited the city, or “#1 mistress”, the cheeky nickname that I use when talking about London.

What made me extra excited about this particular London trip was the fact that Spring has finally come!  You know what they say, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!'” – the sunshine, the clear blue sky, the chilling wind, the bright and positive spring spirit, and most of all, the gorgeous spring flowering trees got me super duper hyped whilst planning this trip.  For weeks, I had been lurking at various London Instagrammers’ feeds that are full of many pretty shots of the white and pastel pink magnolias and cherry blossoms – probably two most popular spring flowers in London at the moment, which ultimately motivated me to have some Spring captures of my own.  I thought this Spring trip could be both my reward for being hardworking those past couple of weeks and an inspiration for me to keep moving forward and working even harder – London is always my inspiring destination.  Also, this would be my only London trip in 2 weeks as this upcoming weekend, I’m going to Birmingham for the National Student Television Association Conference and Awards 2017, about which I will be blogging 😉

My original destinations for watching these wonderful spring flowering trees were Notting Hill and Kentish Town.  Notting Hill has been my go-to place since forever, and Kentish Town was on the list because I haven’t been there for soooo long, and I was sure those cute little pastel houses would look a billion times dreamier with a cherry blossom tree in the front yard.

However, it turned out that Notting Hill was treating me so nicely that I just could not leave before it got dark…  (Kentish Town, I promise to see ya real soon tho xx).  I stayed in the Notting Hill area for almost 7 hours and got myself many spring-y captures that I’m quite proud of.  It was definitely one of the most productive trips I had ever done.  I genuinely had a spring fever before, during and after the trip (it’s still not gone yet!) and felt far more energetic than usual.  Everywhere I went brought me so many fascinating surprises, which you shall soon see below, and again, the myth that I’m a lucky traveler, was strengthened even more.

I’ve already started to post some of these pictures on Instagram, but I still want to share them on here.  I promised myself to try to blog more frequently, plus, this new site that I’ve recently changed to has been stimulating me so much.

So here you are, my London Spring Fever: Part 1 collection.  There’s going to be Part 2, probably when the purple wisterias begin to appear in a couple of months from now, or perhaps with even more magnolia and blossom trees.  Well, whatever it will be, please look forward to it!


White blossoms

Clarendon Road – Notting Hill
Elgin Crescent – Notting Hill
Portobello Road – Notting Hill


Cherry blossoms

Clarendon Road – Notting Hill
Clarendon Road – Notting Hill (I’m not sure if this one is white or cherry though :P)

Clarendon Road is just full of blooming blossoms ❤


Pastel pink magnolias

Lansdowne Road is the paradise of magnolias 😍

Lansdowne Road – Notting Hill
Lansdowne Road – Notting Hill
Lansdowne Road – Notting Hill
Lansdowne Road – Notting Hill
Elgin Crescent – Notting Hill
Elgin Crescent – Notting Hill

And some magnolias on Clarendon Road again!

Clarendon Road – Notting Hill
Clarendon Road – Notting Hill
Clarendon Road – Notting Hill
Portland Road – Notting Hill


White magnolias

Portland Road – Notting Hill
Clarendon Road – Notting Hill

Roses, magnolia stellata, etc. are also found in many pretty house gardens around Notting Hill.

Clarendon Road – Notting Hill
Clarendon Road – Notting Hill
Clarendon Road – Notting Hill



Some “cliché” photos I took on my way…

That double-decker just happened to cross past at a perfect time!
The residents in this house always know how to live in style.
That red bike makes everything.
St. John’s Notting Hill in the sun.
Was glad that I finally bumped into this buddy.


Text and photography by ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

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If you would like to use my photos, please kindly contact me for permission.

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