Update & Come-back 2017

Aaaaand I’m back after half a year not blogging!!!!


I have been writing actually, it’s what I like to call “a novel”, but more precisely certain bits of it, because I’ve been so busy and not yet had a chance to write the whole thing from the beginning – no matter how badly I want to.  I’ve already got a storyline, the official cast, etc. and etc.  Will I be able to finish it? We’ll see.  But I’ll probably upload some finished parts of the novel every now and then, provided that I am satisfied with what I’ve written so far.


Update: I’ve “moved house” from TheFearlessInspiration.wordpress.com to this site – julieythe1st.com.  The reasons are:

1. I’d like to stick with the brand ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ;

2. There were some technical issues with the categories, pages, navigation etc. with the previous site;

3.  A fresh start-all-over won’t hurt nobody/I personally am in love with the feel that this new theme gives 😏


Anyways, I have made a new section – Playlists, which will be where I post about my monthly favorite music and/or a list of songs that I would recommend having a listen to.  Do have a look at my next post here: March 2017 On-repeats 🙂


I’m glad that I now have a bit of free time to blog again, the past weeks with tight deadlines have been insane for me (STUDENT LIFE!).  I’ll probably blog more often in April, as we Surrey students have one full April to enjoy our Easter vacation, and I’m traveling to Amsterdam and Paris, which I’m super super excited about.  I’ve been to both cities before but this time it’s going to be a total different experience for a solo traveler like me as I will be traveling with a group of friends (hoorayyyy).  So stay tuned for more travel photos, and possibly food too!


See you in my next post,


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