March 2017 On-repeats

These are a few tracks that I’ve been obsessed with lately, in no particular order ‘cause honestly it’d be so hard for me to choose my most favorite out of these!

  1. “You” – Lost Kings ft. Katelyn Tarver (2016)

This one is very special to me, just because of the title.  Put it simply, recently I’ve been in a situation where the word “you” sounds more endearing than usual 🙂


  1. “Obsessed” – Miley Cyrus (2009)

Miley will always be my childhood hero, I keep listening to her old songs over and over again (her more recent works are brilliant too of course!).


  1. “Fine” – Taeyeon (2017)


Taeyeon’s vocals in this song is on point (as always).  If you watch her live performances of this song where she hit all those high notes like a piece of cake, I’m 99% sure you’ll be charmed by the #QueenofEatingCDs.


  1. “Shape of My Heart” – Backstreet Boys (2000)

I’ve been playing this one on repeat the last couple of days and I can relate so much to it.  One of my all-time favorites.


  1. “Paris” – The 1975 (2016)

The song is just so… Paris…

One that you definitely should listen to whilst walking with your friends through the streets of Paris on one afternoon after sunset ❤

P/S: This video is from The 1975’s gig at the London O2 Arena on 16th December 2016, which I attended and somehow still survived after hours of continuously reaching extremely high levels of eargasm, thanks to my four-amazing-boyfriends 😉


  1. “Paris” – The Chainsmokers (2017)

Okay I don’t care what others think of this song.  I love it.  Case closed.


  1. “Yêu 5” – Rhymastic (2017)

The 5th and most recently released love song in the “Yêu” series by Vietnamese music producer Rhymastic (“Yêu” means “Love” in Vietnamese).

The lyrics are mostly in Vietnamese, which sounds amazing and the melody is literally “honey to your ears” (doesn’t really make sense in English but it means “music to your ears” in Vietnamese lol).


  1. “That’s What I Like” – Bruno Mars (2016)

This song just makes my heart smile 🙂

And is there anything else to say about Bruno besides “perfection” though?


  1. “Tragedy” – DIGY ft. KIRSCH (2015)

Perfect for late nights.


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