The Flag

Today was a windy day. Annoyingly windy.

Vivian walked into the class and was welcomed by a worried Ella.

Ella looked over at Vivian and said: “Oh you’re just in time…”

Vivian really couldn’t hear exactly what Ella said.

But as she eyed on Ella for a while, she understood what the problem was.

Ella was worried about the LGBT flag that could potentially fly away due to the heavy wind.

That flag was seriously fragile at that moment, it could be blown away at any time.

Just like Ella.

For the first time (?) Vivian witnessed a sensitive Ella.

Staring at the flag hung on the tall post out there, looking more nervous than ever before.

This somehow got Vivian to look outside the window as well.

“Please hang in there.” – Vivian thought.


Finally a university member of staff came to the post and took the flag down.

Ella was relieved.

And happy.

“Oh yeah I texted them to get help. I said it was an emergency.”


There was something about the way Ella got worried about the flag that made Vivian think.

She was obviously melted.

Because of how Ella cares so much about what she believes in, about what stands for and means so much to her, and others like her, including Vivian.

She thought it was sweet.

If only Ella knew what Vivian was thinking in her own head.

(To be continued…)


By ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

Featured image taken from

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