“Ma biche”

– “I’ve been teaching you French, modeling for your magazine without being paid, and what have you done for me?”

– “Don’t you raise your voice with me, imbécile.  Without those photoshoots you would never have a proper Facebook profile picture and people would think you’re still 13.”

– “Like I care about Facebook that much.” – Léon shrugs and takes out another cigar – “You know I agree to be in those photoshoots just ‘cause you said I’d only have to stand still and smoke, like I always do.”

– “Yeah, still don’t know why our Creative Director chose you for the “bad boy” shoot, you’ll fit the connard shoot a lot better.” – Verte rolls her eyes then lets out a sigh.

– “Don’t be rude to your teacher.  You’ve been swearing at me in my language and look how polite I am.”

– “Says the one who’s smoking in front of a woman.”

Léon throws the cigar on the ground and looks away.

– “Are you really that kind of person who just doesn’t give a damn thing?”

– “I give too many damns that you can’t count, ma biche.”

Verte knows exactly what ma biche means – “my deer” in English.

However, the sound of it only makes her go banana.

– “If what you mean is what I think it is, you can literally get out of my sight right now Léon.”

Léon bursts out laughing – “You’re a really bad student.”

– “And that’s why you don’t get paid for your terrible teaching.  But seriously, I make you attend classes more regularly, which is worth the money you paid to be here, so don’t even say I haven’t done anything for you.”

Léon says nothing, instead he stares at Verte deeply into her soul, which makes her a bit uncomfortable.

– “True.  But whether I concentrate in class or not is a different story.”

– “Well what can I do?  You have that ‘no f*ck’s given’ gene in your veins already.”

– “I told you, I give way too many f*cks, you don’t even know.”

– “Tell me about them then.”

(To be continued…)


By ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

Featured image taken from hotmeninsuitssmokingcigs.blogspot.co.uk (LOL).

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