VxE #04

As soon as Ella walked into the class, Vivian noticed something wrong.

“What the fuck is she wearing?” – Vivian mumbled.

Pastel purple.

Light purple.

Or simply purple.

Whatever you call it.

It’s not over yet.

“Hi everyone!” – Ella said as she turned around to face the class with a big smile. Typical.

“Wow. Damn.” was all Vivian could think.

She studied Ella carefully while speaking to herself in her mind.

“Her eyes are bigger today.”

“Her eyebrows are on fleek af.”

“Her lips are pinker than usual too.”

“Wait. Is she wearing make-up?”


“She looks good. But isn’t that a bit too… feminine?” – Vivian got lost in her thoughts while recalling their chat last Friday night.


– I don’t know, I feel like sometimes I like to be, and actually am, a bit masculine too.

– …

– Does it mean I am a sufferer of dissocative identity disorder like that Kevin guy in Split?

– Well it may take hours for me to explain it to you from a psychologist’s point of view; but to put it short: you are completely normal.

– Do you ever feel like being feminine?

– Only on special occassions.

– Like what?

– Probably if someone can persuade me, I will. – Then Ella went on and showed Vivian some pictures of her wearing bridesmaid dress.

Vivian could only secretly hope that “someone” is her.

[End flashback]

Vivian shook her head.

That was a bit cheesy and probably delusional.

She actually would prefer Ella not wearing any make-up, as usual.

Or maybe only lipstick. But it has to be either nude or dusty liptick. Doesn’t she know those are the trends?

Of course she doesn’t. It’s Ella. What does Ella know about fashion trends?

After all, she looks best in anything neutral (not pastel) and a pair of Timberland or Oxford shoes.

(To be continued…)


By ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

Featured image taken from aliexpress.com.

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