My pretty boy with a bad taste

he’s kind, sweet and nice

is he always playing hard to get?

or perhaps with me, he’s just shy.


In my own maze where I’m stuck

can’t find my usual self anymore

92% of the time he’s in my head

weekends are double worth waiting for.


“Keep it lowkey”, but I think I’ve gone mad

so is he, for waiting on her

they say “you desire what you can’t have”

that’s what we are: a fool and a dreamer.


Ending up falling for you

was the worst choice I’ve ever made

so before my feelings fade

look at me, just this one time.


Lyrics by ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

Featured image taken from someecards.com.

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