Vodka, blanket and Walkers

It was the 12th day to June

Thought it was her chance

Heading to his house, no expectation

Reckless of the heavy rain.


Say it was a coincidence

Her curiosity led her there

He looked at her in much doubt

Be a quirky stalker she would dare.


Just like what she’d imagined

The cosiness approached her

“How about some crisps?” – he whispered

Them butterflies she conquered.


Vodka, blanket and Walkers

Small talk, silence and stare

Trying to avoid eye contact

Screaming inside, she could bear.


Vodka, blanket and Walkers

Little did he know her unconscious mind

Feeling more secure than ever

Little did she know of his smile.


The clock struck 10pm,

He offered her a slow dance

Wild-eyed girl, there she was

Her breath came in short bursts

It didn’t go the way she planned.


“My dear, let’s do the Waltz,

Will you save the last dance for me?”

A Strauss melody beautifully played

Totally took her breath away.


Vodka, blanket and Walkers

“Now tell me, why are you here?”

With great courage, she whispered:

“Find the one with an icy heart.”

Softly enough, he could still hear.


Vodka, blanket and Walkers

Little girl feeling so small

Was too late then to turn back

She just wished she’d never fall.


So let me be your dear Eve

Only you that swept me off my feet

Keep saying that you can’t be mine

But I know you’re dying inside.


Vodka, blanket and Walkers

Breaking my rules to see you

I’m no one but an admirer

Please don’t be brusque, will you?


Vodka, blanket and Walkers

I’ll remember the steps to your door

To know you was an enchantment

I’ll never ask you for more.


Vodka, blanket and Walkers

One that caused her to confess

One that warmed her from the rain

One that was his favourite crisp

All were her sweet sweet pain.

– Oxford, 12th June 2015

Lyrics by ᴊᴜʟɪᴇʏᴛʜᴇ1sᴛ

Featured image taken from We Heart It.

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